Projects"What’s left of someone’s creation, becomes another’s innovation”

“Deja que los ángeles nos miran”

“Let the angels look at us”, a street art project to support independent Catalunia. Tucked away in the shadows of Basilica ot Santa Maria del Mar you’ll find lots of street art and creative decoration.

September 2015 ~ Barcelona, Spain

“Design is more than Art”

Porsh project for private client with a love affair for his cars.

March 2015 ~ Bruges, Belgium


“Mata goes wild” – Bharatpur, August 2014

Tiger and Storks came to life. Mata designs in collaboration with Manoj Kumar on a wildlife collection for Keoladeo National Park (Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary).

Traditional woodblock printing on textiles is one of the simplest and slowest of textile printing as all is done by hand. The wooden blocks are hand carved by a sculpturer as per request from the client.

Together, with Manoj, I travelled from Delhi (to purchase fabrics) to Bagru a smal town about 30 km from Jaipur where the wooden blocks and prints were made and than all the way to Pushkar where everything was sown together.

August 2014 ~ Rajasthan, India

“Take a walk” – Bharatpur, April 2014

At the Art Festival in Jaipur, one sister and brother took my hand and invited me kindly to take a walk. One month later three tigers where spotted near Keoladeo National Park (Bharatpur Bird Sanctary) on the walls of Banjara Collection, a small shop located in Bharatpur.

April 2014 ~ Rajsthan, India

“Mata & Shiva enlighten Dhampuz village” – Nepal, October 2013

While teaching English and Art in Dhampus, a small village on the foothils of the Himalaya’s I was invited to decorating my host’s guesthouse, Raju Hotel Gurung Guesthouse. Lord Shiva, is now being worshiped by some of the local villagers whom see my painting as a holy place.

Next to Vishnu and Brahma, Lord Shiva, the Greatest of the Gods, is one of the three most influential denominations in contemporary Hinduism.

While hiking towards ABC or Australia camp, have a rest or simply stay with my Nepali family at Raju Hotel Gurung Guesthouse.

October 2013 ~ Dhampus Village, Pokhara, Nepal