About~ "Look beyond and see the beauty that surrounds you."

Expertise & Services

  • iTeach English, Art & Pilates
  • Workshops (Art, Healing, Comms)
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Editing & Creative writing
  • Illustrations, Artwork & Graphic Design
  • Interior & Exterior Decoration
  • BAch of Interior Design


Brigitte (Mata) Gouwy

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@: mata.kalakar@gmail.com

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My environment is my biggest inspiration. I am a silent observer of nature, the structures and pasterns in plants, flowers and trees inspire me to design and create. Street live, people, architecture and culture are my thrive while music is my dynamic stimulant; it keeps the ink flowing out of my pen and at the same time soothes my mind when I get restless.

My Story

With a backpack full of creative knowledge, I followed my heart across the globe and left my hometown Bruges, Belgium at the age of 25.

Along the road, I learned that rose petals are not always what they seem. I had to represent someone that wasn’t me and lost myself in a world that wasn’t mine. My new surroundings left me creatively uninspired and work mentally blocked.

But it were my musical friends, poets, artists and actors who never stop believing in the beauty of their dreams that motivated and inspired me to share with you my passion: “To share my love and to share with you the joy and beauty that surrounds us with the world.”

Other than designing environmental postcards and making illustrations. I am now also conducting motivational workshops on communication skills and facilitating Creative Healing Yoga, Art & Meditation workshops for children & adults.

My Vision

We were all born as human beings to live free and wild in unison with each other in our natural surroundings of our beautiful planet called “Earth”. She is our mother whom feeds us and provides us with shelter to survive, respect her … worship her.

My vision is to create a place for knowledge, creativity, love and freedom where one can retreat back into nature. A place where children peacefully can learn and grow through playful discovery.

One World ~ One Love

Mata ♥

“Keep dreaming, never stop believing because nothing is impossible everything is possible.”

ps. A big thank you to the Dzire Infosoft team for all their efforts and hard work but mostly for making my site www.mataart.com happen. As they say in India everything is possible. (website credits go to http://www.dzireinfosoft.com/)

Keep it green

At current Mata-Designs does not merchandise simply because she cares for the environment.

However Mata is interested in manufacturing collaborations only if the product is justified and manufactured in alignment with Mata's vision to promote a green sustainable environment. Products should be eco-friendly, made from recycled or natural biodegradable materials. Traditional crafting skills, fair trade and working with local communities are encouraged.

Mata will oversee the process and certified documents must be presented.


  • 2015 - Advanced TEFL Certificate, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2008 - Certificate of Graphic Design, Sydney, Australia
  • 2005 - Certificate in CAD 2D, VDAB, Belgium
  • 2003 - Arch Interior Design, Royal Academy Ghent, Belgium
  • 2000 - Certificate of Interior Decoration and Restoration, VTI Bruges, Belgium
  • 1999 - Diploma in Fine Arts, T.I.H.F Bruges, Belgium